More pixels, more guides

& more coffee. I’m a young designer from Poland
who's trying to change the world.

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I draw, design & code

since 2009 untill zombie apocalypse. Check my skills.

Build a brand, create a website & become famous

This is the way to go in this world. I can help you reach your goals.


I create logos, corporate identity & brand books. You have to make the first impression count. I'll design a professional graphic symbol for you to be used in print and web. Pronto.


Request unique business card design, any type of documents containing your logo, or an awesome briefcase. Trying to put a billboard up in the city? No problem, just let me know & I'll get the layout ready for you. Nice and easy.


Deliver a user-friendly interface & get a great tool for managing your sites. To get the most out of a project, we create mockups, that are well-thought out & reflect your visions. Sounds like mind reading, huh?

+web design

Your brand means nothing on the Internet without a cool website or an online store. I can run a functional analysis, create stunning mockups, graphic design, then code it and implement a CMS. Just sit back & relax.

Photoshop is in my blood

Small previews, major clients, huge achievements.